All Key Employees IOMI Certified Office Movers

We’re excited to present this 3 minute video to showcase the pictures from each IOMI training session.  After the video, take a minute or two to read about how we got here.  Enjoy!

“This video was created as a tribute to all the members of our company that invested many hours to learning the IOMI process.”

-Lance Grooms

“In 2008, during the worst economic period since the Great Depression, myBekins CEO David Caruso made the strategic decision to invest in the service quality of his growing organization. He created Caruso University, an interactive training center for ongoing instruction in all aspects of commercial moving.  But Caruso’s commitment went beyond the walls of his training center at the Office of Administration in Warrenville, IL. He wanted his employees to become IOMI® Certified Office Movers®.” *

“O&I at myBekins got a jolt when all key employees at every branch recently completed training to become IOMI® Certified Office Movers®. You could say it was nothing short of electrifying.  For many myBekins employees who took part in the training, the chemistry, comradely and interaction between student and instructor was unparalleled, and resulted in a new and better understanding of the industry, even among those who have been in the moving business for decades.” *