Alaska is a beautiful state to move to

Alaska is a beautiful state to move to

Most people who visit Alaska either fall in love with its beauty or do not.  Alaska as the last frontier is one of the greatest places to move to.  It has everything from natural temperate rainforests to moose.  In Anchorage, Alaska, there were recently talks about the relocation of moose in order to get them away from the roadways.

Moose tend to come to the roads and rail lines when the snow is heavy.  This can create issues for those who live and drive in the state.  If you are going to relocate to Alaska, you will definitely need to seek ‘bear and moose’ coverage for your vehicle, as these two elements of the wildlife can be an issue walking on the roads or even damaging parked cars in some instances.  In fact full comprehensive coverage on insurance comes with the bear and moose coverage.

Moose relocation will start as soon as the temperatures allow.  The permit the wildlife department has gained will allow the moose to be fitted with radio collars and ear tags to ensure that the moose are tracked.  If the moose venture into residential areas they will be relocated again.  For anyone moving to Alaska it will mean seeing less moose walking around, through your yard or along highways, but it will also mean the moose are safer.

Alaska may not be part of the continuous US, but as a US state it has a big heart to welcome anyone who wishes to move to an underdeveloped residential location.

Jon Huser