Alabama Twister Razes Homes and Businesses

Alabama Twister Razes Homes and Businesses

It really seems like there is one natural disaster after another these days, doesn’t it?  At the beginning of last week, more than 500 homes and 50 businesses just outside of Birmingham, Alabama were destroyed or severely damaged by some pretty significant storms that brought a series of twisters with them.

Not only were people’s homes ruined and families forced to relocate once again (you may remember that back in April of 2011, twisters tore through the area destroying homes and businesses) but also two people were killed.  More than 100 people were injured as the storm moved through the area.

According to the National Weather Service, there were three tornadoes in the Birmingham area, all of which touched down early on Monday.  One of the twisters even destroyed the school.  At least the kids weren’t at school when the storm hit.

Experts believe that the cleanup efforts may take a couple of months.  Families have been forced to relocate to shelters and the homes of family members and friends for the time being.  By the end of February, many families may be able to move back into their homes.
Though winter tornadoes are pretty rare, they are not unheard of in the area.

Do you live in an area in which tornadoes are common?  Are you ready for a twister should one hit your home?  Do you have an evacuation plan?  Is your storm cellar ready for your family?

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