Air-Conditioned vs. Climate-Controlled Storage

Air-Conditioned vs. Climate-Controlled Storage

If you have some time in-between moves, you are probably looking into professional storage to keep your belongings. There are many options out there, including air-conditioned and climate controlled storage. It is a commonly held belief that air-conditioned and climate controlled are one in the same. However, the two are very different and can mean the difference between your items being secure or damaged. Bekins Moving Solutions always wants our clients to have the absolute best information so they can make informed choices about their move. Let’s discuss climate-controlled storage.


Air-conditioned controlled storage units are great for items that are temperature sensitive. Extreme temperatures can often warm certain materials, or cause other canned items to combust. Climate-controlled storage facilities also hold the storage unit at a constant temperature. Different warehouses will have differing max temperatures they will let the units reach. It is important that you discuss what temperature your belongings will be kept at before moving your items to the storage unit. If you have any items that you believe are temperature sensitive, make a list and discuss them with the storage facility before your move.


The big difference when it comes to air-conditioned storage units and climate-controlled storage is humidity. Climate controlled storage facilities will always provide a constant temperature as well as humidity control for your items. Air-conditioned units will not. Certain natural materials will likely need humidity-controlled units to prevent damage. Some items that need to be kept in a climate-controlled warehouse include:

  • Wood furniture
  • Leather furniture
  • Appliances
  • Collector’s items
  • Books
  • Musical instruments
  • Artwork
  • Photos
  • Electronics

If you are storing these items in a warehouse that only controls temperature, you are risking damage to your more sensitive items.

Check with a Professional

Before you store your items, make sure to check with the storage company regarding what you intend to store. There may be certain items, such as those that are hazardous or flammable that may not be permitted. If you notify the storage company about any fragile or humidity sensitive items you are storing, they can provide you with assistance or tips for preparing your item for storage. Whether you choose an air-conditioned unit or a climate-controlled unit, it depends on what kinds of things you need to store. If you are seeking an air-conditioned unit for your personal belongings or your office, consider all the options available. You should consider not only cost and size but also the types of temperature control offered by the facility.