After you have moved in

After you have moved in

Moving is very stressful, but what to do once you have made it to your new home is not always easy either.  Once the move has been completed, you are likely to be surrounded by boxes with hardly a chair in sight in which you can collapse.  When the long awaited relocation from your old home is complete, it can be all too easy to collapse into despair at the realization of just how much work there is still left to do.  How can you start getting back into the normal routine and make the new place feel like home?

The first thing to do is just take a deep breath and try to relax.  Take the time to get used to your new surroundings by visiting nearby parks and shops, eating out at local restaurants, and getting acquainted with your new neighbors.  Go on the internet or buy local newspapers to help you to familiarize yourself with your new environment.

Everyone in the family should be involved in the unpacking of your things, as it makes everyone feel that they have a say in the decor and the arrangement of their new home.

Unpack just one room at a time, beginning with the smallest in the house.  This helps to keep up your morale by allowing you to celebrate each little success.  Fill a room by starting with the biggest items first, such as beds and chairs, which provides you with a rough outline that you can work with when you start to bring in the smaller items.

Lance Grooms