After the move: hints and tips

After the move: hints and tips

Once the actual physical move has been completed, there are still a number of issues connected with moving home that you will have to deal with.  There are a number of tips and hints to help you to deal with these as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to allow you to start enjoying your new home.

After the move you should quickly review the final bill that has been given to you by your moving company and make sure that it tallies with the written estimate that was provided before relocation.  You should always double check to make certain that there have been no additional charges put onto the bill that you were not expecting.

You should call your moving company right away if you find that any damage has been done to any of your household items; if this has occurred, ask the company to come over and take a look at the damage themselves.  This may need to be done prior to the moving company leaving or else you may not receive compensation on a claim  Some moving companies reserve the right to get damaged items repaired rather than replaced, and they may decide to do just this.  Some moving companies are also willing to unpack your possessions and then dispose of all the packing materials used for an extra fee.  All these specifics depend on the type of move you are conducting, where you are moving from and to, as well as the type of move you purchased.  A professional Moving Consultant will be able to thoroughly answer each of your questions.

You should take some time to become familiar with your new neighborhood.  Take a tour of your new local area to try to get a feel for the location.  Do not forget to do the same for your new home, checking on the location of your water main valve and fuse box.