Afraid You May Have Moved Into A Haunted House? Do …

Afraid You May Have Moved Into A Haunted House? Do …

Moving can be an intimidating experience. You’re relocating your life to a new home and you never know the true essence of a place until you’re settled into your new life. Finding out that your new dream home is haunted can be a little startling at first but have no fear. It can’t be any more haunted than these famous houses.

St. Pete, Florida’s Don CeSar Hotel is Haunted

While the Don Cesar isn’t a home per se, it is known to be one of the most haunted places you can stay in. Originally known as the Pink Palace, a luxury resort since the 1928, many have reported this popular travel destination to be haunted by the original owner, Thomas Rowe. Both guests and staff have reported seeing “people” in various parts of the hotel, including a gentleman in a white suit, a signature look worn by Mr. Rowe.

Prior to becoming a hotel, the Don CeSar was a military hospital which may explain the other ghost sightings seen around the property and inside the rooms.

A Home in Hanover, Pennsylvania Goes Viral

You may remember back a couple of years ago when a news camera picked up something “unusual” in a Pennsylvania home. As the homeowners took the camera crew around their house, explaining the multiple ghosts and entities they’ve experienced well throughout the home, the camera caught something. What looks like a black hand appears on the screen which some believe to be an evil spirit haunting the home.

The Amityville House Became a Horror Film

The Amityville House in New York is believed to be so haunted, it was turned into a Hollywood film. The house comes with a haunted past – a gruesome mass murder that claimed every family member who lived there, except one, the killer son. It’s a tragic story that Hollywood has turned into a haunted destination, but one that is too spooky for people to move into.

Homeowners Can’t Survive the Lemp Mansion

Located in St. Louis, you’ll find the stunning but haunted Lemp Mansion. Built back in the 1860s, this home was originally owned by wealthy brewers. However, it quickly became a very unsuccessful place to live, with four generations of Lemp family members committing suicide in the house. Today, you can take a paranormal tour through the home that took the lives of four owners.

A Small-Town Haunting in Villisca, Iowa

Gruesome deaths or dark pasts are often the backdrops for many haunted houses and the Villisca Ax Murder House is no exception. Back in 1912, 6 children and their adults were found brutally murdered in the home. The scary part? The murderer was never found despite the bloody axe being left at the crime scene.

A paranormal investigator stayed in the house in 2014, but upon morning, his body was discovered with multiple stab wounds said to be inflicted by the man himself. So, if you think your new home is haunted, you can always spend a night in this home for $400 a night.

Various Sightings at The Sallie House in Kansas

The Sallie House located in Atchison, Kansas certainly isn’t shy of media attention – or ghosts. The home is so haunted, it appeared on the 90s-television show, Sightings. Some of the ghosts believed to be responsible for objects flying through the air and people being scratched and shoved include a little girl who was murdered there.

Most of these haunted houses have failed at becoming the home of new owners. Now, many of them sit empty and abandoned or turned into a travel destination for paranormal enthusiasts. So, your new home can’t be that haunted that you’re willing to pack up shop, rent a moving truck, and abandon it altogether… Or is it?