Advice when packing fragile goods

Advice when packing fragile goods

The packing of fragile items requires a great deal of care; in most instances, the process should be supervised by experts in the field.  Fortunately there are some helpful pieces of advice that can be of assistance when it comes to this delicate task.

One good tip is to do your research and find out whether your fragile goods require special moving conditions.  It is quite common for expensive vases or fragile porcelain items to come with user manuals giving specific instructions with regard to their transportation during a move.  You may also be in possession of intricate electronic systems, such as audio and video systems, that you want to move, and these also come with manuals informing you how they should be assembled and disassembled and the kind of materials that need to be made use of.  If you have lost these manuals, information can also be found online.

You should also write down a list of all the supplies you are going to need for the move.  Visit a moving supplies retailer in your local area and check online or with a moving company to obtain any supplies that are difficult to find.

Each fragile item should be individually wrapped with printing paper or bubble wrap.  There should be two layers of protective materials at the top and bottom of the box, and the boxes should be sealed and labeled accordingly.