Advice on military moving

Military moves involve not just lots of planning but also lots of paperwork, with military approval required for everything from making an appointment to have your car shipped to accessing your medical records. Every military spouse is aware of the fact that the relocation experience can either be made or broken by early planning and, given that so much of the process will not be in your control, organization is by far the best way to ensure a successful move.

The first piece of advice when making a successful military move is to make a list.  It is all too easy to find yourself becoming overwhelmed by all of the steps that are involved in moving, be it just down the street or across the world.  The moment that a detail enters your mind, make sure that you write it down; once something has been completed successfully, cross it off your list.  Lists help to both jog your memory and ensure that you stay on track.

Another good idea is to do some research on the new place in which you will be living.  Google Maps is a great tool through which you can locate your new home and see what else is in the local area.  Even before moving day arrives, you can arm yourself with directions to the local schools, hair salons, video stores and grocery shops.

Rick Wozniak