Advice for office moving

Advice for office moving

The moving of a corporate office can be a very difficult time for everyone who is involved or in any way affected by the shift, particularly given that many employees will have little power over or say in the decisions that have been made.  The good news is that there are some specific guidelines that firms and other professional organizations should provide their employees with, and it is best to stick to these very closely.

Supervisors need to make sure that they have properly instructed employees on what to do when the day of the move finally arrives.  Make sure that every employee from every department has a copy of the guidelines, as this will mean that they are able to make a speedy return to work with a minimal amount of delay and disruption.  Supervisors should make certain that employees pack their own personal belongings before they move, also following the guidelines.

All items that are normally stored in the office in cupboards, desks, bookcases, wall units and shelves should be removed and packed into secure boxes.  Filing cabinets, however, should not be emptied;  instead, they should simply be secured with a strong lock, string or packing tape.

All personal items, such as photographs, plants, lighters, money, fountain pens and legal documents, should be packed into secure boxes and the employee to whom these items belong should take personal responsibility for their relocation.

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