Advice for moving office employees

Advice for moving office employees

Your business would not get very far without those who work for it, so when moving an office it is of vital importance that human resources and employment take prominence in your plans.  To effectively coordinate and manage an office move you will need to take the needs of your employees into consideration.

It is very important to discuss an office move with your employees as early as you possibly can so that they will be able to bring up any concerns they may have about the relocation.  Communication is critical to any and all areas of managing an office, and never more so than during the relocation of your business – particularly if the new office is quite some distance away.  Members of your senior management team should be assigned to brief employees about the office move and get their feedback early on in the planning process.

An office relocation can be an extremely exciting time for company employees, especially if the move is also the beginning of a whole new stage in the life of the business.  This makes it all the more important to remember to include your members of staff in any plans you have for a company launch in the new office location, as they may be able to bring valuable ideas to the table as to how to use the relocation to promote the company.

If new business phone systems and IT equipment are to be used in the new office, make sure that staff are given adequate training before the office relocation.

Gene Salaz