Advice for moving home

Advice for moving home

Around a week prior to the day of the move you should get ready to pay all your bills and cancel regular arrangements such as your lawnmower service, as well as newspaper and any other home delivery services.  Arrangements with utility companies should also be made at this point.

It is very important to ensure that all the documents related to the relocation are kept safe and together for easy access.  Finish off your packing and make sure that all boxes have been labeled correctly with both their contents and the room they belong in clearly listed.  It is also a good idea to take back any DVDs and library books that you have on loan, and if you have any dry cleaning outstanding then pick it up now.

Supervise the packing of your computer and make certain that all the accessories and cords associated with it are kept together.  If you still have the original box that it came in then use this for packing; otherwise, wrap your computer up in blankets and make sure that it is moved with the utmost care.

On the actual day of the move make certain that you have a small survival box ready that includes items such as coffee or tea, mugs and teaspoons, a kettle, water bottle, milk, snacks, toilet paper, spare light bulbs, a torch, cleaning materials, paper towels and a small first aid kit to help you through the first few hours in your new home.

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