A new military home in Arizona

A new military home in Arizona

Making a military move to Arizona is much easier than you might think, with a number of different military bases and plenty in the way of support for you and your family.

You could be posted to Davis-Monthan air force base. Located close to Tucson, this base is used to train pilots who work in conflict and humanitarian situations. Davis-Monthan has plenty of facilities, including schools and healthcare, which makes it ideal for families. There is both privatized and army-style housing available. The privatized system moves very quickly and is preferred by most families moving to a military base.

Alternatively, you could find yourself at MCAS Yuma, which is a base that covers around 3,000 acres. This base is close to Yuma airport and shares a number of facilities with it. For families moving on base there are a number of accommodation options and also a community service for those new to the area. This service offers support as you settle in, including the help of sponsors.

Fort Huachuca dates back to the 19th century and is officially a national historic landmark. There are around 6,500 active serving officers based here and also many civilians on base. During business hours it is estimated that there are around 18,000 people on site, making it one of the busiest bases in the US. With plenty of facilities for families, a posting here could be relatively stress-free and a great introduction to military life.