A military move to Florida?

A military move to Florida?

If you are lucky enough to get PCS orders to move to sunny Florida, Elgin AFB could be your destination. The base was established in 1935 and over the years it has been a training facility and a test ground. A number of different units are now based here.

The military housing at Elgin AFB ranges from two- to four-bedroom units and there is accommodation available for most of the service personal working here. There is a waiting list; therefore, if you want on-post housing then you need to get your name on this list. The way the housing is structured is unique in that no areas of the base are designated by rank; therefore, you never know who your next door neighbors are going to be.

If you are bringing your family, you will need to know about schools. There are no schools on the base itself but there are good schools in the surrounding areas.

There are good medical and dental facilities on the base, however, and Elgin is often used by other military bases in the region for this reason.

The base has reasonably good shopping facilities, with a variety of stores and even a small mall. Getting your daily supplies or even a haircut is unlikely to be a problem, as you probably won’t need to leave the base.

Elgin AFB is a popular place thanks to the range of amenities and a military move here could be good for all the family.