A little culture for the New Year

A little culture for the New Year

Chicago celebrates a festival of literature and the art of storytelling when it plays host to the Fillet of Solo Festival, which is now an annual event. This festival runs from January 9th to 25th and will be held at both the Lifeline Theater and the Heartland Studio Theater.

The festival is a celebration of live storytelling and there will be authors and clubs taking part from all over the city. If you are a lover of literature and want to try something new, you should go along and see what it has to offer. In the past there have been many sketch groups and storytelling groups taking part in the festival, including Stir Friday Night, Write Club, The Lifeline Storytelling Project and enSOLO. Writers who have taken part include Kim Morris and Eric Warner.

The tickets to the festival are very budget-friendly at around $10 each and there is a festival pass priced at around $30 per person. This will give you access to every event and show included in the festival and is something that many regulars choose to purchase so that they do not miss out on anything.

After the shows, many of the attendees gather at the bars and cafes in the nearby Rogers Park area that are famous for their connection to people such as Saul Bellow and Theodore Dreiser. This is an unusual festival but it is a must if you enjoy literature and want to experience it in a new way.