A few more packing tips

A few more packing tips

When you have packed a few boxes, you might think that you know everything there is to know about the process; however, there are always a few more tips that you could find useful. In addition to the standard tips of making sure that your packing boxes are up to the job and that you are using the right tape and labeling methods, there are other tips that you need to consider.

Overfilling boxes when packing to move house is a common mistake. Boxes should be filled to the top but you should avoid putting heavier items in a large box, as this will make it too difficult to lift. Plan your packing carefully.

Once items have been put into the boxes and the boxes sealed, it is very easy to forget what is in them and you could find that the box containing your delicate glassware ends up stacked upside down with heavier items on top of it. For this reason labeling is essential and care should be taken to make sure that all boxes are the right way up. Adding arrows to the boxes will help and act as a guide for your moving company.

Closing the boxes should always be done by folding in two opposite sides (usually the shorter sides first), then the other two sides before taping them up. Avoid closing a box by crisscrossing the top, as this is not secure and it is much harder to tape up properly. Closing a box in this way will leave a gap, which can be avoided by matching the sides.