A few essential packing tips

A few essential packing tips

When you are moving it can be hard to know where to start. Here are a few tips from the experts to get the process underway.

Research is a good idea. Do you think that packing is simply a question of putting everything that you own into boxes? Some people do think this, which is why many people arrive at their new home with damaged items. If you have bulky items or fragile things then it is always a good idea to find out how to pack them before you begin. Sometimes the process is very simple but you may not have thought of it.

Your research will take you to the websites of moving companies. These are the packing and moving experts and their sites will be filled with useful information for you to take advantage of.

Do you have a limited budget for your packing supplies? Not everyone can afford to buy brand new boxes and you may need to ask around for secondhand ones. Talk to your family and friends about saving strong boxes for you and ask at your local stores. You will need to make sure that the boxes are strong – boxes that have been used several times already are of no use to you because they are going to be weakened. If you are putting heavier items in such boxes, the chances are that they won’t make it to the other end in one piece.

You should also take a look around your home to see what you can use to pack things in. A blanket box, for example, can be filled with bed linen and towels; your laundry hamper can also be used this way. You should also remember that you may have plenty of suitcases and you can pack out-of-season clothes in these early in the packing process.

Your blankets and towels can make great packing materials, particularly for fragile items. Do you have a lot of clocks or ornaments? The blankets can provide the additional cushioning and box lining you need. Remember to ask people to save newspapers for you. Scrunched-up newspaper is a great base for any box that is being packed and it is also useful for filling in gaps in boxes when you have finished the packing so that your possessions will not move around while in transit.

As you pack for your move you should make sure that you keep each box to a reasonable weight. While your moving company may be coming in on the day to shift things, you need to be able to move the boxes around in the meantime. A general rule is to make sure that no box is heavier than 50lb.

Even if you need to save money, genuine packing tape is a must. Making sure that all the boxes are secure is essential and strong packing tape will help with this.  Don’t be tempted to use anything else, such as masking tape, as this simply will not get the job done.