A case reopened involving missing child

A case reopened involving missing child

New York has reopened a cold case, but what spurred the reopening is not being released.  Police are looking into a 33-year-old case involving missing six-year-old Etan Patz.

Police and FBI went into a Manhattan building and looked around the basement.  In a news report, the police stated that they might spend up to five days looking for clothing, personal effects and human remains.  The investigator was brief regarding the details of the search; he   stated that a cadaver dog recently found a scent there and that this has prompted a search.

There is conjecture that the scent the dog found could be related to the missing boy, who was on his way to school at the time.  The building used to have a workspace for a carpenter who was known to be friendly with the child.  The home is also a block from where the child lived.

During the initial search for the boy, the basement was of interest but there was never any solid evidence to search it.  No one ever admitted to the crime or was incarcerated for the crime.  Jose Ramos was one person of interest who was convicted of killing a boy almost 20 years ago.  He is thought to be guilty and a judge did rule against him, though it was because he did not contest the case rather than stating any guilt about the incident involving the six-year-old boy.  The boy he abused was eight.