8 Uses for Plastic Moving Containers

8 Uses for Plastic Moving Containers

It’s time to think outside of the box. Plastic moving containers are quickly becoming the most popular choice, as they’re durable, affordable and exceptionally versatile options. But what might surprise you is that the benefits of plastic bins go far beyond storage and moving convenience. Here are some of the unique ways you can use your plastic moving containers, even long after you’re settled into your new home.

1. Ongoing Storage

Before we get into the truly fascinating ways to repurpose your plastic moving containers, let’s mention the obvious. Plastic moving containers can be used for ongoing storage, even after the move. These containers are often more ideal than cardboard boxes, especially if being stored in areas of the home that may become damp, such as in the attic, basement or garage. Over time, cardboard boxes will absorb moisture which will cause them to deteriorate. Plastic moving containers, on the other hand, are exceptionally durable and can withstand various and even treacherous circumstances.

2. Hidden Storage Compartments

Who said storage has to be bare? Transform your plastic storage containers into stylish storage compartments with a little bit of fabric, glue and creativity.

3. Futuristic Furniture

Believe it or not but plastic moving containers make for some truly unique and modern furniture pieces. From side tables to chairs, coffee tables and even light fixtures, the options for repurposing plastic containers into furniture are endless.

4. Relaxing Garden Pond

Take your storage containers outdoors. Dig a shallow hole, put your plastic storage bin in the hole, cover the edges with some garden stones, top with water. Suddenly, you have a stunning Zen garden pond in your backyard – and for the fraction of the price it would cost to buy one!

5. Sprouting Gardening Pots

Speaking of the garden, there are many other ways you can repurpose a plastic moving container outdoors. Add some soil, seeds and water, and your plastic crate can quickly become a gardening masterpiece. Once the plants start growing out of the various openings, you’ll be stunned by the beauty.

6. Convenient Yarn Box

Every knitter knows the struggle of trying to keep your yarn untangled and separated. So, this awesome DIY idea that repurposes your storage containers into a yarn box is perfect for keeping your knitting organized.

7. Hamster Humble Abode

Inarguably, one of the coolest things you can do with plastic storage containers is turning them into a home for the hamster. Poke some holes, cut out an area for the door, add on a caged-door and your family’s furry friend will have a new humble abode to call their own.

8. Cute Cat Little Box

Speaking of pets, might as well treat the family cat to something new as well. Plastic storage containers can easily be turned into cute cat litter boxes that won’t stink up your interior. Cut out a door, add some fabrics or spray paint if desired, and your cat will be going to the bathroom in style.

It’s time to think outside of the box. With some creativity and extra materials, your plastic storage containers can be repurposed well throughout your home.