8 Tips to create the perfect flower garden at your …

8 Tips to create the perfect flower garden at your …

April showers bring May flowers, but first you must plant some seeds! After a busy move and all the unpacking, it can be tempting to leave your garden until the next year – you just want to sit down and enjoy your new humble abode. However, that can be difficult to do when it simply doesn’t feel like your own. So, it’s time to sharpen up your gardening tools because creating a flower bed today, will ensure you’ll have many more days of relaxation in your very own garden oasis.

Eliminate Weeds Before Planting Seeds

The first step to creating the perfect flower garden is to perfect the space. Make sure to remove all the weeds. It’s important to remove any weeds prior to planting seeds to ensure all the plant food and nutrients get soaked up by your plants, instead of those pesky weeds.

Take Advantage of Attractive Mulch

Speaking of weeds, mulch is an excellent way to keep weeds at bay while also enhancing the look of your garden and helping retain moisture. So, add some decorative mulch into your flower garden for a splash of beauty that goes beyond what meets the eye.

Explore the Different Possibilities

You know what flowers you like, so go ahead and plant them. Simple enough! However, there are many different types of plants and flowers you can add into your flower garden, many of which you’ll never know about if you don’t explore beyond your favorite flowers.
Visit your local nursery, check out your neighbor’s flower gardens for some inspiration, and use this opportunity to discover the beautiful possibilities waiting to be planted.

Plant with a Theme in Mind

Before you run off to the local nursery to grab every flower you find beautiful, try to come up with a theme beforehand. This little gardening trick can make any garden look like a masterpiece. Perhaps you want to opt for a consistent flower color to flow throughout your garden or want to create a desert theme with cacti and succulents.

Design Your Garden Around a Centerpiece

You don’t need a tabletop to have a centerpiece. Designing your flower garden around a statement item is a great way to add dimension and texture into your yard. You can choose to place a shrub, tree, vibrant flower in the middle, a small statue, or waterfall to be used as your centerpiece.

Transform the Space into Your Own with Art

Add some personal touches to your flower garden to make it your own. Implementing decorative items, accents and art pieces that reflect your personality is an excellent way to transform your flower garden into your very own oasis.

Enhance the Aesthetics with Raised Garden Beds

Take your flower garden to new levels with raised garden beds. This little gardening tip will instantly increase the aesthetics of your flower garden, while also helping with you tackle with those pesky bugs that keep biting away at your plants.

Add Accents That Allow You to use the Space

Anyone can have a beautiful flower garden but not everyone designs it so that it can be used to its full potential. So, create a path to your flower garden, line it with solar lights and set up some outdoor furniture in the space, so you can fully enjoy your creation.

There’s no better time to sharpen up your garden tools, so you can perfect your flower gardening skills. Moving into a new house with gardening space is like having a fresh canvas to paint on. Use these tips to create a space that you’ll be happy to call your own.