6 Things to Prepare your House for a Move-in

6 Things to Prepare your House for a Move-in

You’ve sold your home; your belongings are packed and the moving truck is on its way. You’re ready for the new chapter in your new home, but before you close the front door for the last time, there are some things that you should do for the new family moving into the home. Start by thinking about the things you expect the previous owners of your new home to do for your move in. After all, as the old saying goes ‘treat others how you wish to be treated’. Here are 6 of the best moving tips to prepare your house for a move in.

1. A Good Thorough Clean

There’s nothing worse than moving into a dirty home. While the rooms may be empty, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re clean. It may seem unrealistic to clean an empty home, and one that is bound to get dirty when the new homeowners move it, but it’s just common courtesy. The new homeowners may not be moving in right away, and they certainly don’t want to find an infestation of critters when they do. So, give the home a good thorough clean – sweep, mop, dust and scrub all surfaces.

2. Don’t Forget the Cupboards

Speaking of critters, they seem to love dark, hidden cupboards – the kind of cupboards that have leftover crumbs in the corners. So when you’re doing your last and final clean, don’t forget the cupboards. No one deserves to move into a home only to find a fruit fly infestation.

3. Empty the Garbage

You’ve already taken out the trash, but as you load the last couple of boxes into the moving truck, you’re bound to find some miscellaneous items that need to go in the trash. While it may just be a couple of wrappers, and definitely not enough to fill a garbage bag, the new homeowners don’t want it. Whether it’s garbage day or not, always take your trash with you. Even if the city is coming around to collect garbage the next morning, don’t leave it on the curb. It’s your garbage, so dispose of it properly, whether it’s at your new home or at a landfill.

4. Clean Major Appliances

You’d be surprised at how quickly unused appliances can generate a stench. Even the smallest crumbs in the burner or on the fridge shelves can quickly cause an undesirable situation for the new homeowners. The last thing they want to do is have to clean your mess as soon as they move in. So, always give the major appliances being left in the home a good scrub down. Wash the surfaces; clean up any leftover food pieces and make sure they’re in the same condition you expect from your new home’s appliances.

5. Give the Yard Some TLC

Moving into a new home is supposed to be an exciting experience. The process already requires a lot of work, and as the previous owner, you should try to make the move in as enjoyably as possible for the new homeowners. So, give the yard a little TLC. Rack up the leaves, cut the lawn and shovel the driveway. Whatever the season, make the lawn look presentable.

6. If It’s Broken, Fix It

The new homeowners likely did an inspection upon purchasing the home. However, things could have been broken during the move, doorways could have been nicked, and light bulbs may have burnt out. If something broke since the homeowners bought the house, fix it. Check the indoor and exterior light bulbs, WD-40 the sticking sliding door, and repair any damage.

Moving is an exciting time, and it’s important to leave your current home in the condition you expect from your new home.