6 Surprising Packing Tips That Cut Your Moving Tim …

6 Surprising Packing Tips That Cut Your Moving Tim …

Your time is valuable, and when you are moving, you want to get your packing done as fast as possible. Of course, you have to balance the speed at which you pack with packing your items correctly. Otherwise, you will end up at your new home with a lot of boxes full of broken and damaged belongings. Bekins Moving Solutions has helped our clients pack countless boxes and gained valuable insight on the perfect strategy. Here are a few packing tips that can cut your moving time in half.

1. Pack Clothing and Fragile Items Together

Many people tend to pack their clothing in one box and glassware, plates, and other fragile items in another. But why spend money on bubble wrap, paper, and foam to protect your most breakable items when your clothing may just do the trick? Save money on packing supplies and wrap shirts around your glasses and plates. Use jeans to pad boxes, and use winter jackets to protect tabletops. Make sure to put a layer of protective sheeting over any exposed clothing to protect it from staining.

2. Use Your Suitcases

Have heavy items that would be almost impossible to pack in a box? Books are notorious for being difficult to move. Pack your home library in your rolling suitcase for an easy and fast way to transport them to your new place.

3. Cling Wrap Small Objects

If you have small items that are at risk of being lost or tangled, like jewelry, cling wrap is a great way to keep them nice and neat. Place a sheet of cling wrap on a table and lay out your jewelry. Roll the wrap firmly, separating each piece in the process. When you get to your new home, just simply unwrap and place back into your jewelry box!

4. Utilize a Color-Coding System

When you are packing, if you keep things organized, you can cut your unpacking time down. Associate each room with a different color and mark each box with that color using a permanent marker. Make a mark on multiple sides of a box so you can tell quickly which room each box will go.

5. Take Pictures Before Disassembling

Part of the frustrating process of moving is taking apart pieces of furniture. Before you disassemble, take a quick picture with your cell phone and label it. This way when you arrive, you can see how it is supposed to go back together.

6. Use a Professional Packer

While this may not be necessarily a surprising tip, it is still great advice. Utilizing a professional packer through a moving company like Bekins Moving Solutions can save you time and make your move a lot easier.

If you are interested in our professional packing services or would like more tips about speeding up your move, contact Bekins Moving Solutions. Call (877) 594-1187 today.