6 Moving Tips for Those of You with No Time to Pre …

6 Moving Tips for Those of You with No Time to Pre …

You just got notice that your house sold and you get the keys to your new humble abode tomorrow. Congratulations! This is an exciting time but – wait – did you say tomorrow? Moving is an enormous task and it takes a significant amount of time to plan and prepare for an effective day. However, since that’s simply not an option, you can implement these secret moving tips to help take off the stress and edge of having to pack and move right now.

1. Call in Some Backup

The first thing you’ll want to do is call in some help. While most people only ask for help on the actual moving day, you need it right now. The more help you can get, the more packing you can complete, and the easier the move will be. So, recruit, recruit, recruit.

If it’s too short of a notice for your friends and family to help you out, hire professional packers to handle the task.

2. Ship the Kids and Pets Off to A Babysitter

The second thing to do is ship off the kids and any family pets. This will allow you to focus the little time you have on nothing other than packing and moving. Just don’t forget to give your babysitter a huge thank you for taking on your little ones on such little notice.

On the other hand, if your kids are too old for a babysitter, they’re the perfect age to help! So, take away the cell phones, unplug the computer, hide the tablets, and give them tasks to complete.

3. Get as Much Packing Done as Possible

With the prior mentioned, start packing immediately and don’t stop until you absolutely have to. Start with the items that are most difficult to move when not in boxes, such as your kitchenware, children’s toys, pantry food items, books, movies, etc. Then, move onto the larger items, such as electronics, kitchen appliances, and food in the pantry.

Worst case scenario, you’ll have to move these larger household items as is. However, we do strongly advise against that as you risk damaging them. So, if possible, hire additional help to get everything packed properly.

4. Don’t Skip Over Labeling Your Moving Boxes

When in such a drastic time crunch, you’ll be tempted to cut corners as much as possible. But whatever you do, never skip over labeling your boxes. This will only make the unpacking process just as difficult – if not more so – than packing and moving in less than 24 hours. So, take the couple of seconds it takes to label each box with the room, items, and priority.

5. Throw Everything from Your Closets in Wardrobe Bags

There’s no sense in removing clothing from hangers when they can be slipped right into wardrobe bags. So, take everything from your closets and hang them in wardrobe bags. This moving day tip will instantly save you an abundance of time packing and unpacking your closets upon arrival at your new home.

6. Have Boxes Set Out for Items You Don’t Need

As you’re packing up your household, you’ll come across several items you’re not quite sure what you should do with. You’ll also have items you know you want to get rid of. So, have extra boxes set out and clearly labeled for trash, donating, and storage. This allows you to quickly toss your belongings in the correct category so you can get them to where they need to go – stat.

Moving with no time to plan is going to put you to the test but with these handy moving tips, you can do it! And don’t underestimate the power of hiring professional packers and movers; they’ll make a huge difference.