5 Ways to Reuse Your Moving Boxes

5 Ways to Reuse Your Moving Boxes

After your move, you are probably glancing at a mountain of empty cardboard boxes. Most people flatten their used boxes and toss them away, but that is a huge mistake.  There are some ingenious ways you can upcycle your moving boxes to make them useful in your new home. Bekins Moving Solutions has spent quite a bit of time with cardboard, and so it is no surprised we have created a few new ways to reuse your moving boxes. While it takes a bit of time and preparation, your cardboard boxes can transform into something fun, useful, and even unexpectedly beautiful.

1. Cat Scratching Pad

Cut your cardboard into strips approximately four inches thick. Layer each strip and tightly press. Fold the layered pieces into your desired shape and make sure the corrugated pieces are facing out to give your feline friend an enjoyable texture. Wrapping the outside of your scratching pad with some fabric can keep the pieces together while your cat enjoys his or her new housewarming gift.

2. Furniture Sliders

Cut a few CD-sized discs out of your cardboard boxes. Before moving any heavy furniture pieces around your home, place one disc under each leg. Your homemade furniture sliders will prevent any scratches on your floor when you are trying to arrange your furniture in your new home.

3. Homemade Gift Tags

Cut out large tags out of your cardboard and hole punch one side. Tie some ribbon or twine through the hole and voila! You have your very own durable and unique gift tags. These tags provide the perfect opportunity to break out some cute or unique rubber stamps!

4. Stylish Storage

When someone tells you that cardboard boxes are perfect for storage, you may reply with a resounding, “Duh!” But we aren’t talking about just any boring storage. Cut off the top portion of the box and wrap your box in your favorite fabric. Use fabric glue liberally and pull the material tight to the box. Use an iron (no steam) to rid yourself of any wrinkles. Once dry, you have some fashionable storage boxes that you would be proud to display in your new home.

5. Pay It Forward

If your boxes are still in good condition, place a classified ad in your neighborhood’s online forum or on Craigslist. Many people anticipating a move will be looking for spare usable boxes. Typically, within a day, you can rid yourself of boxes and other moving supplies that are good as gold to someone currently packing.

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