5 Tips When Relocating Your Office

5 Tips When Relocating Your Office

Whether you are just moving to another floor in the same building or relocating across town, moving your office probably sounds as fun as getting stuck in traffic with a couple of crying kids in the back seat.

After all, moving has got to be one of the most stressful things you can do – add the possibility of some serious downtime in production, and you have a real nightmare on your hands. So, how do some small business owners deal with a commercial move? Some get out of town and return when the relocation is done. Others stick to these five tips:

1 – Start Planning Early

It’s impossible to plan too far in advance for an office move. Leave nothing to chance and your office relocation should go smoothly. Plan everything right down to where each and every Ethernet connection is and where the coffee filters will go.

2 – Prepare for the Unexpected

Murphy’s Law suggests “anything that can go wrong, will.” So be ready for it. You should know where you can buy an extension cord 24 hours a day or where the nearest copy shop is in case your photocopying machine isn’t hooked up right that first day.

3 – It’s Time to Upgrade

Moving is a great time to upgrade your office equipment, furniture, and supplies. Before you move, get rid of the obsolete objects and replace them with brand-spanking-new things.

4 – Be Ready for Downtime

Even if you don’t expect any downtime, be ready for it. There’s always an edge of the unknown in an office move. What if the new Internet connection doesn’t want to work? Just be ready.

5 – Inform Your Clients and Vendors

Something that many managers forget is to share the new office’s location with clients and vendors. If you don’t do this, you won’t have a lot of business or supplies! Just think about it!

Lance Grooms