5 Tips When Throwing an Amazing Moving Party

5 Tips When Throwing an Amazing Moving Party

Moving is an exciting time; saying goodbye to your friends in the community certainly isn’t. In fact, it’s the hardest part of moving and one that many homeowners dread. Fortunately, technology has made it incredibly easy to stay in touch your friends, neighbors, and coworkers. So, relocating to a new city or moving to a new area isn’t as bittersweet as it once was. That’s not to say the distance won’t be difficult but it will be easier to handle. That doesn’t mean you should skip out on your goodbyes. Here are the best tips for throwing one last hurrah before you pack up the moving truck.

Pick a fun theme that’ll leave long-lasting memories

The key to keeping your moving away party fun, sans tears, is to choose a theme that is exciting. Without a party theme, you and your guests will be focused on the real reason for the party – your departure. So, get creative and keep the emotions of the day at bay. An excellent idea is to pick a party theme based on your new location. If you’re moving to a new state, choose a theme that reflects the characteristics of your soon-to-be new home. Think Texas BBQ, NYC fashion, California beach, etc.

Decorate with photos and highlights of your soon-to-be home

If you’re moving a far distance, some of your guests may not be able to come visit you. However, they still want to see your new home and get a glimpse at what this new chapter in your life will be like. So, decorate your party with prints, photos, and decorations inspired by your future home. From the actual house you’ll be living in to the features of the city, highlight them to help your guest list relate to your new venture.

Create a fun sign-in sheet

The most monumental events always have a sign-in sheet, like a guest book, to remember the special occasion. Although you aren’t hosting a wedding, this can be a great way to collect everyone’s contact information. So, put out a guest book where everyone can enter their phone numbers, emails, Skype usernames, etc. and you’ll have them all in one place upon arrival in your new home.

Give a short and sweet speech

As you near the end of the night, give a toast to your friends and family that have made your current house and area a home. Thank them for being such a vital part in your life, cheers them to many more years of friendship, and mention some highlights that you’ll forever treasure. And of course, remind them that distance will never get between your bond with each and every individual attending your party.

End the day with photos for each guest

Party favors are always an excellent way to end the night. However, most people gift party favors that lack sentiment. So, forget about giving out keychains, magnets, and pens.

Instead, use photos as the perfect gift. Go through your iPhone collection of photos and print out photos you have with each guest attending your moving party. If you don’t have pictures with some of your guests, take them the night of, then print them off before your guests leave. Make it easier and use an Instax camera that instantly prints out the photo. There’s even a little space for you to write a meaningful message.

Save the tears for the end of the party as you send your guests on their way, and enjoy the day with those you love by implementing these awesome moving away party tips.