5 Tips for Moving Speciality Pieces

5 Tips for Moving Speciality Pieces

Pool tables, pianos, arcade games, oh my. If you have specialty items in your home, it’s time to sharpen up on your moving skills. While most of your home can be packed in moving boxes and transported over to your new humble abode with ease, your specialty items require a little extra attention. These items are expensive, awkward to move, oddly shaped, extremely heavy and of course, are more difficult to move than a regular old couch. Fortunately, we have all the tips you need to get your specialty items at your new home – in a timely manner and in quality fashion.

1. Make a List

The first step to moving specialty pieces is to know what you’re moving. Take an inventory of every item that will require special services, whether it’s specialty moving equipment, custom crates, a flat bead truck, specialty movers, etc.

Having this figured out before moving onto the next steps will make the entire process significantly easier for everyone involved. It’ll also help you determine an accurate budget for the move which is an important step to an efficient, positive and successful move.

2. Hire Professionals

The best tip you’ll ever receive when it comes to moving specialty items is to hire professionals. Professional movers know what they’re doing when it comes to moving large, awkward-shaped, luxury items and best of all, it saves you all the hassle of trying to get the darn things in the door. Jokes aside, hiring professional movers will come to you as a huge benefit when moving large, specialty items such as pool tables, hot tubs, gym equipment, pianos, etc.

3. Remove What You Can

While taking a screwdriver to your specialty items can seem intimidating, rest assured that most items do have parts that can be easily removed for situations such as this. So, take a look at your specialty items and see if anything can be removed, such as the pockets on a pool table or the legs on a larger-than-normal table. Pack and move these pieces separately, and then head on to the next tip.

4. Make Use of Moving Equipment

If you insist on moving your specialty items yourself, the first thing you’ll want to do is make sure you have access to all necessary moving equipment. From dollies to carts, furniture blankets, straps, wraps, and ramps, you want to make use of all of them. This will instantly increase the efficiency and safety for both you, anyone helping with the move and the specialty items.

Some moving companies do charge extra for use of their moving equipment. Others require you to book in advance. At Bekins Moving Solutions, almost all of our moving equipment is included in the price when you hire moving services.

5. Take Advantage of Speciality Moving Materials

In addition to the moving equipment, you’ll also want to consider using specialty moving materials to move your specialty items. Wood pallets and specialty crates are excellent options for ensuring safe and secure transportation of your most prized possessions. They also come in a variety of sizes, big enough to fit a wide range of specialty items.

Moving specialty items is a risky task that’s often better left to the pros. So, we highly recommend hiring professional packers and movers to take care of these difficult items.