5 Things to Know Before Moving to Dallas

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Dallas

Making a move to the Dallas area can be exciting and perhaps a bit stressful. Dallas is a diverse and vibrant city with lots to do, see, and eat! The key to making any residential move a smooth transition is proper preparation. Bekins Moving Solutions is a company with years of helping clients move into the Dallas area. We are happy to share with our customers all the information necessary to make your relocation as easy as possible. Here are the top five things you should know before moving to Dallas.

1. Dallas Has Many Neighborhoods

Like many large cities, Dallas is divided into different areas and neighborhoods, each with their own unique character. Before moving to the Dallas area, do some research on the various areas around the city and choose the one that matches your personality, needs, and budget. Before choosing a neighborhood to move into, ask yourself the following questions:

  • How long is my work commute?
  • How are the schools rated?
  • What is there to do in the area?
  • Is public transportation an option in this area?
  • What are the average rent or home prices?
  • How safe is the area?
  • What is traffic like in or around the neighborhood?

After considering these questions, you will have a much better idea on where in Dallas you would prefer living.

2. You May Need to Purchase Bigger Pants

The food scene in Dallas is ingrained into the city’s culture. With unbeatable Texas BBQ, perfected American fare, and exceptional fine dining, it is practically impossible ever to be hungry in Dallas. While the city has some Texan staples like down home grilling and Tex-Mex that will knock your socks off, the new Farm-to-Table movement is bringing some welcomed freshness and variety. Take a food tour through Dallas and see the great culinary offerings the city brings to the table.

3. Be Prepared for Extreme Weather

If you are moving from an area of the United States with mild temperatures, Dallas weather may be a shock to your system. Summers can be absolutely sweltering, particularly in late July and August. Dallas is not only hot, but the high humidity can make you feel like you are drowning in a hot sauna. Winters can be rather chilly as well. The Dallas area will occasionally get some snow or ice during the coldest months, but nothing ever sticks around for long.

4. Plan for Traffic

Like any large city, Dallas has a lot of traffic. Some areas of the city are much worse than others, and your traffic experience will rely heavily on what hours you are out on the roads. Sitting in traffic is a pastime of Dallas life and a topic of regular conversation. If you abhor sitting in traffic, you will want to live close to work or plan to travel during non-peak hours.

5. Expect to Fall in Love with Dallas Culture

There is a certain charm about living in Dallas that is hard to describe. People are friendly, morale is high, and there is a strong community spirit amongst residents, which is rare in a big city. There is still an inherent small-town feel to each neighborhood that causes people to have pride in their town. Block parties, friendly BBQ parties, and neighbors who actually know each other are just some of the many reasons people love living in Dallas.

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