5 Things to Know Before Moving to Chicago

5 Things to Know Before Moving to Chicago

Making the move to Chi-town can be a fantastic adventure. The city is full of fantastic places to go, excellent food, and the people are spectacularly charming. Bekins Moving Solutions has helped countless clients make their move to Chicago. We have found that being prepared is the best way transition to a new city. We have taken all the guesswork out of your Chicago move. Our moving experts have created this handy list of what you need to know before moving to Chicago.

1. Be Prepared for the Winter

If you are moving from a warmer climate, you need to prepare yourself mentally for the freezing onslaught of a Chicago winter. The temperature can get as low as 18°F and the average high for the winter months is barely above freezing at 34°F. Chicago boasts some seriously strong winds, which can be jarring when mixed with sleet or snow. Before your move, make sure you have a warm jacket and some reliable winter boots.

2. Buy Bigger Pants

Chicago has some serious culinary prowess, which may make you go up a wardrobe size. From the traditional deep-dish pizza, hot dogs, and corned beef, to more modern delicacies such as sushi and fusion cuisine, you can rest assured that you will never go hungry.

3. Downsize Your Car

Chicago is notorious for parking issues. A smaller car will allow you to park a lot easier. If you are moving to a place inside the city, you may want to consider getting rid of your car altogether. Chicago has a lot of public transportation options that can help you get around without the hassle of parking. The CTA has trains and buses that operate during the majority of the day and night. Every person from Chicago has taken The “L” at least once or twice. There are also other options such as Metra and water taxis that can help you get around sans car.

4. Block Parties

During the spring and fall, Chicago turns into a giant party. With the great weather, neighborhoods get out and celebrate by throwing block parties. Be prepared to consume your weight in BBQ and get to know your neighbors. Bring a side dish and share your story on how you ended up in the area. You will be surprised how friendly and open people from Chicago are!

5. Neighborhoods Become Your Identity

Like most big cities, Chicago is divided up into different districts that each has a unique character and vibe. If you move to the North Side, you can catch a Cubs game while enjoying some jazz and upscale shopping. The West Side is full of ethnic restaurants, art, and beautiful architecture. Downtown isn’t all about business. Enjoy trendy cocktail lounges and catch a show in the Theatre District. South Side consists of Chinatown and multiple art installations and monuments. Before choosing a place to live in Chicago, research which areas interest you. It may be helpful to drive around to get a sense of things before making a final decision.

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