5 Reasons Why a Storage Unit is Perfect for your S …

5 Reasons Why a Storage Unit is Perfect for your S …

The winter season isn’t often deemed as being an ideal time to move anything. The weather is frightful, the air is cool and the ground is slippery, all elements you likely don’t want to face when transporting items to a storage unit. However, doing so during the winter season comes with a long list of benefits and that’s also not to mention that you don’t even have to do the moving if you hire professionals.

Keep Summer Equipment in Top Shape

With winter comes plenty of precipitation, moisture and potentially-damaging low temperatures. Garages and sheds might seem like an excellent option for storing your summer gear but these types of structures are rarely built with the insulation and seals needed to effectively keep the winter weather outside. As such, your summer equipment can become damaged or may deteriorate when stored in a garage or shed over the winter season.

Renting a storage unit is an excellent alternative that provides optimal protection for your summer equipment. So, you won’t have to worry about a lawnmower that won’t start or other types of summer tools becoming rusted and/or broken.

Clear Out Clutter

One huge benefit of renting a storage unit to house your summer equipment during the winter season is the extra space. Items such as lawn mowers, weed whackers and even gardening tools can take up a sufficient amount of space. Add in the snow-blower, shovels and large salt bags, and your garage can quickly be taken over by miscellaneous items.

Renting a storage unit will help clear out the clutter and increase the convenience and usable space within your garage, as you can finally store off-season equipment off-site. As the winter season comes to an end, you can then move your winter equipment into the storage unit and take out the necessary summer equipment. It’s convenience at its finest.

Use Your Garage To Avoid the Winter Weather

With the prior mentioned, clearing out the clutter in your garage allows you to actually use your garage for what it’s intended for.  Storing your car in the garage during the winter season not only helps you avoid the winter weather and all the scraping and brushing that comes with it, but it also helps keep your car in working order.

Protect your Patio Furniture

One of the greatest things about the summer season is being able to sit out and enjoy the sun after several long months of dark, dreary weather. However, this often can’t be done until you clean off all of your patio furniture, fix any damage that occurred over the winter season, and replace any moldy, mildew-smelling fabrics. What a way to interrupt the excitement!

Fortunately, you can rent a storage unit to store and protect your patio furniture during the winter months. Storage units provide better storage conditions than a garage or shed does, and even more so if you opt for a climate-controlled unit.

Save Money on Repairs

With all of that said, the last benefit worth mentioning is that renting a storage unit to store your summer equipment can actually save you money in the long run. When stored properly, there’s no need to fix bicycle tires and rusted chains, choking motors, mildew-smelling items and moldy or cracked belongings once the summer season arrives.

Renting a storage unit during the season may also result in some additional savings, as it’s generally considered “off-season” for movers and facilities. So, take advantage of the extra space, savings and security this winter season by renting a unit. ‘Tis the season.