5 Must Have Items You Need On Your Moving Day

5 Must Have Items You Need On Your Moving Day

With all the moving materials and equipment available, it can be hard to narrow in on the items you need on moving day. Some say a permanent marker is a must have item on moving day, while it’s a good idea, as long as you did your packing properly, everything should be labeled and ready for you to go with or without it. What you really need are the five following items to ensure an efficient and effective move with as little dings, delays, and disruptions as possible.

You may have removed all the decor from the wall and took apart large furniture pieces but you never know what you’ll run into upon moving day. Almost everyone has an experience moving a piece of furniture that leaves them wondering how they ever got it through the door in the first place. Even the fanciest moving techniques can cause a halt in the progress of the day. So, keep your tools on you during moving day to ensure you can quickly take doors off hinges or take apart furniture pieces as needed.

Moving Truck

If you’ve ever tried to move without a moving truck, you’ll understand why you need one on moving day. Save on gas and time by moving all of your belongings at once. It’s a moving day expense you won’t regret.

Furniture Blanket

One “must have” item on moving day, that’s often underestimated, is a furniture blanket. People use regular blankets to cover their furniture in order to cut down on moving day costs but this could end up costing you more money in damages and repairs.

Furniture blankets aren’t just blankets. They’re designed to protect your belongings from the scratches, dings and other damage that can easily happen during a move.

Even if you have a flawless, bump-free experience moving your furniture through your home and into the moving truck, the drive could cause items to rub together and cause damage. So, always use a furniture blanket.

Furniture Dolly

You may have the strongest friends in the world who spend 100’s of hours lifting heavy things in the gym to help you move but it doesn’t matter when they’re not lifting your things properly. They’ll end up with serious pain and injuries. Renting a furniture dolly is an affordable moving day expense that is worth every penny – and bone in your body. They’re often stored in the moving truck but you’ll have to rent it to use it. So, let the moving company know your requirements as you’re booking your truck.

Trash Bags

As you start to load up your belongings into the moving truck and do one last final clean of the house, you’ll likely come across some trash. Even if it’s minimal, it’s imperative to leave the home in the condition you expect to receive when you arrive at your new humble abode. So, always have trash bags on hand and remove all trash from the house.

Additionally, it’s important to take your trash with you. Don’t leave it on the curb or by the side of the house. The new homeowners may not be arriving right away and leaving the trash outdoors could bring all kinds of pests. Taking your trash with you is also proper etiquette. So, use those trash bags and take them with you.

Even if you don’t think there will be any garbage, there will be and you’ll likely find other means for them, such as packing up miscellaneous items that you forgot to pack up

All these necessary items are easily gained with one phone call to a full service moving company like Bekins Moving Solutions. Instead of dealing with the hassle of renting what you need and scrambling together labor, using a full service moving company is a sure way to move stress free.