4 Tips for Making Friends with Your New Neighbors

4 Tips for Making Friends with Your New Neighbors

Don’t pass up the opportunity to introduce yourself to new neighbors, whether you have just moved in or caught sight of a moving truck next door. Being friends with your neighbors is incredibly beneficial in many respects. A recent study by the University of Missouri found that people who were friends with their neighbors lived longer, healthier lives. Living in a friendly neighborhood also produces a much safer and pleasant environment to live in. Of course, it can be a bit intimidating learning how to reach that balance between being friendly and being overbearing, so myBekins would like to offer some great tips on how to make friends with your new neighbors.


Have Baked Goods and Coffee on Hand

If you have just moved in, the last thing you want to do is to hunt down your baking equipment. While homemade baked goods would be fantastic, purchasing some fresh muffins or scones from a local store would be just as good to have on hand. Not only are they convenient as a quick breakfast or snack while you unpack, but they are incredibly handy if your new neighbors stop by. Inviting them in for coffee and goodies is a great way to break the ice and start a cordial friendship.

Seek out Community Events

When you move to a new place, getting settled can be a bit difficult. If you feel like the odd-one-out, the best course of action is to dive right in. Check out your city’s official website and look at any upcoming community events. It is also a great conversation starter if any neighbors stop by. Invite a neighbor along with you to the event. It is a great way to get to know them.

Throw a Housewarming Party

After you are all unpacked, plan a housewarming party and invite all your neighbors. A party is a great way to unwind and build memories in your new home. Make sure to invite all the neighbors in your immediate area. Leaving someone out could have long-term consequences on your neighbor-to-neighbor relationship.

Get Involved

If your community has a local council or neighborhood watch, volunteer your time. A few hours on the weekend can really help you to connect with those living around you. If you don’t have any non-profit or volunteer opportunities in your town, organize one! It is a way for you to do great things for your new community as well as a great catalyst to spark new friendships in your neighborhood.

No matter your method, putting forth the effort to get to know your neighbors will go a long way in building friendships. Even if your neighbors don’t end up being close friends, having a cordial relationship goes a long way in producing a warm and welcoming place to live. If you are moving to a new neighborhood, call myBekins today for assistance. We are happy to assist you with everything from packing, loading, unloading, and more. Call [phone] to receive your new moving quote.