4 Strategies for Decorating on a Budget

4 Strategies for Decorating on a Budget

Decorating Budget

Many people get the itch to decorate after moving into a new place. It can be fun to purchase a few decorating items to spruce things up. However, the price of outfitting your new home with some accent pieces or wall décor can be a lot more than what is in your budget. Thankfully, there are some frugal strategies you can employ to provide you with a fresh new look at a reasonable price. MyBekins is happy to share with you all the secrets of decorating your new home on a budget.

1. Upcycle & Reuse

If your furniture is clashing with your new home’s aesthetic, try to think of new and creative ways you can change it for the better. Sometimes all a piece of furniture needs is a fresh coat of paint to completely transform its look. Here are a few easy ways to recycle many common household items:

  • Glue fabric to re-enforced cardboard boxes for fashionable storage bins.
  • Apply chalkboard paint to the backing of frames to produce tiny, trendy chalkboards.
  • Create your own wall art with canvas, tacks, and string.
  • Paint the inside of old jars for a stylish container for smaller items.
  • Repurpose an old mirror into an elegant makeup or perfume tray.

2. Add Strategic Lighting

Light has the ability to create space and drama into a space. Also, lighting can be an incredibly affordable decorative option for those on a budget. Choose a few keystone lighting pieces that add style and character to your new home. Place them in any dark corners or areas that you want to draw attention to. Think about functionality as well as aesthetics. If you love curling up in a chair and reading a book at night, it would make sense to put lighting that could move or bend in your direction.

3. Big Changes with Small Details

Sometimes you can add significant style with just a few new (and affordable) details. Adding a few new small fixtures like a new kitchen sink faucet can have a big impact on the look and feel of a kitchen or bathroom. Depending on the brand, smaller fixtures can be very reasonably priced and easy to self-install. Never underestimate the power of a new shower curtain or welcome mat.

4. When In Doubt, Cover It

If you don’t like a table or couch’s color or texture, you can simply cover it creatively. Arrange photos on a coffee table and place Plexiglas over it to create a personal touch to your living room. Purchase a new slipcover for your couch or a new tablecloth to drape over your dining room table. The right fabric can really spruce up your home.

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