3 Tips to Moving Expensive Art

3 Tips to Moving Expensive Art

To some, art is nothing more than a piece of interior décor, but, to you, art is the heart of your home. Every artist and art-enthusiast understands, appreciates, and sees art in a unique way that is beyond words. Each piece you have within your home is a glimpse into your life, your spirit, your personality and the things that have turned your house into your own humble abode. While some say a home’s foundation is what keeps it together, you argue that it’s the art. So, as you prepare for your future move, it’s important to take the extra steps and precautions needed to keep your prized possessions safe and secure.

Use Speciality Crates

What you pack your expensive art in is, inarguably, one of the most important steps to keeping your pieces in mint condition during the move. While cardboard boxes and plastic containers are great for most things in your home, it’s recommended that you use specialty creates to transport your expensive art.

Specialty crates can be customized to fit the proper dimensions of your art pieces. This is crucial, as your art must be packed in a way that keeps it snug without suffocating or squishing it. The crates are also built with high-quality wood that can withstand long durations of travel and all the elements that come with it. So, for moving any type of expensive art, opt for art and antique crates instead of boxes and containers. This will give peace of mind that your prized possessions will be properly and safely transported.

Hire Professional Packers

Moving expensive art pieces takes a significant amount of time, effort and strategy to ensure it arrives in mint condition. Since a move is already stressful enough, you may want to consider leaving the packing of your art pieces to the professionals.
Professional packers are highly trained in the different packing processes, materials and strategies associated with a move. More importantly, they know how to properly pack your prized possessions to ensure they arrive at your new humble abode in the same condition as when they left your previous destination. So, when moving expensive art, it’s better to leave it to the pros. While this may seem like an unnecessary expense, the risk of packing and moving the art yourself could cost you more in the long run.

Transport your Art Properly

The actual transportation of your art is just as important as the packing. You can have the best professional packers in the world prepare your art pieces for transportation but tossing them in the backseat of your car can still result in damage.

Moving comes with a lot of shifting, bumping, jumping, potholes, speed-bumps, braking – you name it. You want to ensure your items are packed, loaded and transported properly, so they won’t be affected by the many movements of the moving process.

If possible, opt for professional movers to do the moving for you. These professionals are highly trained in the various loading and unloading processes. So, they’ll be able to determine which position and placement are appropriate to ensure the safe delivery of your items. They also have a sufficient amount of training and experience driving the large moving trucks, which gives them the advantage when it comes to the various elements of the road.


As every artist and art-enthusiast knows, a house is simply not a home without art. These three vital tips will ensure your most prized possessions arrive at your new humble abode in the same condition as when they left your other home.