3 Tips Every Mover Wishes You Knew

3 Tips Every Mover Wishes You Knew

The actual process of moving is rarely a desirable task for homeowners. It’s supposed to be an exciting day, but one that is often taken over by exhaustion. Once all the heavy lifting is done, you’re just too tired to actual enjoy the first night in your new home – and that’s simply not fair. This is likely the reason you decided to hire movers this time around. Good choice! However, just because you hired movers doesn’t mean you’re completely off scot-free. There’s still packing, cleaning and unpacking to be done. To ensure a positive, effective and efficient moving day with your movers, here are the 3 tips every mover wishes you knew.

1. Have the Packing Already Done

Image this; you’re hired to move boxes at a specific time, but once you arrive, you have to sit around for hours because the boxes aren’t ready to be moved. Believe it or not, but this is a common problem many movers run into, and one that can easily be avoided.

If you haven’t purchased packing services from your moving company, it’s the movers’ job to move your boxes, not to pack them. So, have all of the packing done well before the professional movers even arrive. Have everything store in proper boxes, labeled accordingly (with the room and continents), and taped up and ready to go.

By doing so, the movers can come in, load up the truck and get you in your new home quickly and efficiently. It’s a win-win for everyone, and it’ll save you from having to dish out extra expenses for additional time.

If packing sounds as enjoyable as the actual process of moving, you may want to consider hiring professional packers to get this crucial task done for you.

2. Inform Them of Valuables

If you’ve properly labeled all of your boxes, there should be very little left to the imagination. In other words, your movers will know which boxes need to be moved delicately. However, there may be some household items that don’t fit in boxes or that have great value, whether sentimental or monetary.

Always tell the movers about these items right off the bat. Don’t wait until the moving truck is half loaded, or until they’re holding your $3,000 statue from Africa. Tell them as soon as they arrive so they can properly prepare and plan to move your items in the best and safest way possible.

3. Let The Movers Do Their Job

Now that the movers know everything they need to know, let them do their job. Everyone can relate to the dreadful feeling of having someone peering over your shoulder, watching your every move. It’s uncomfortable, intimidating and can interrupt efficiency and productivity. So, try to refrain from doing so when the movers have arrived.

It’s tempting to want to watch how they’re carrying every box, and how each package is being loaded into the moving truck, but trust the professionals. This is what they do for a living, and they’re good at it. It’s a skill they’ve perfected, and you can have confidence in that.

While you don’t have to completely disappear, it’s always a good idea to step to the side and let the movers move. Again, it’ll save you plenty of time and will keep your moving day running smoothly.

The key to a productive moving day is to prepare, inform and trust the movers. This will keep the day moving along, allowing you to get in and enjoy your new house in a timely manner.