2017’s Top Moving Apps to Keep You Going During …

2017’s Top Moving Apps to Keep You Going During  …

Technology is great, especially during a move. You’ll never have to worry about doing the heavy lifting without some awesome tunes nor will you ever have to worry about which items are where if you have the right app in hand! Ensure a positive and efficient moving day by installing these “moving apps” on your phone in preparation for the big day.

Spotify For Good Tunes

Moving day isn’t complete without some good music. It’s the perfect way to motivate you to get you started. Download Spotify and enjoy millions of songs or one of their many playlists. Plug in your headphones for some solo packing or hook your phone up to a speaker for everyone to enjoy during the move.

Sortly for organizing your tasks

There are so many small tasks needed to be done in order to move. From decluttering to packing, wrapping, cleaning – you name it – the list of things to do is vast. Avoid forgetting a crucial step with the Sortly moving app. This slice of technology allows you to create weekly to-do lists, so you can stay on schedule throughout the big move.

Trackr For Keeping Track of Important Items

It’s amazing how quickly things get lost when your entire life is packed up in boxes. The last thing you want is to lose the keys to your moving truck, or worse, to your new house. Use the Trackr app and add Bluetooth beacons on the important items you can’t afford to lose or misplace during the move.

Movematch For Estimating Weight of Boxes

This moving app is great for estimating the approximate weight of your items. Doing so allows you to determine how many professional movers you’ll need to do the heavy lifting. You can also create and send a list to your movers telling them where the boxes need to go.

Movingday For Labeling Your Boxes

With a name like that, you can’t go wrong with this moving app on moving day. This app allows you to make labels and barcodes for quick and easy scanning and organization. You just print them out, scan with your phone and you’ll know where everything is within seconds. Gone are the days of scavenging through boxes looking for your essentials.

Magicplan For Determining Floor Plan

A creative and must have moving app is MagicPlan. Determine if all your furniture will fit in your new home by using the app to measure rooms with a click of a picture. This allows you to sell or donate furniture that won’t fit, so you don’t have to move heavy items for no reason.

Handy for Handyman Help

Moving comes with a lot of small tasks. Not only do you have to pack up all your belongings you’ll have to make sure your new home is ready for unpacking. Use the Handy app to hire professionals to clean up your current and new home prior to arrival. Being able to leave your current home with confidence and arrive at your new home with all the small handyman tasks complete is a huge advantage.

iHandy For Leveling Home Décor

Once you’re in your new home, it’s time to start decorating. Don’t worry about pulling out the big ole’ heavy toolset just yet. Just grab a hammer and some nails and use the iHandy app to level all your items.

These must have moving apps for 2017 will have you wondering how people ever moved without them. Convenience is at your fingertips when you have these apps in hand, no pun needed.