10 Tips to Make Packing your Belongings a Breeze

10 Tips to Make Packing your Belongings a Breeze

Packing your entire life into a couple of boxes can be a daunting task. It’s a harsh reality for most people as they look around their household, realizing just how many things need to be squeezed into boxes, then into a moving truck and then, possibly, into a storage unit. Most people are left confused, wondering how can they possibly pack a house full of belongings into such small spaces. Fortunately, you can make it can happen. You just need some handy packing tips from the pros, and we’ve got you covered. Pack like a pro and it’ll be a breeze.

1. Start with a Schedule

Procrastination is never a good thing, especially when it comes to packing. Remember, you have to pack all of your belongings into boxes and if you leave it to the last week, it’s going to be a long and tiring process.

Instead, start with a schedule. Delegate specific tasks to specific days leading up to the big move. Start with a day to pick up the packing materials, another day to start packing up the attic, another to pack up the kids’ toys, another to pack up the shed, etc.

Spacing out your packing schedule will keep things copacetic and enjoyable.

2. Know Your Electronics

With technology taking over the world, chances are you have plenty of electronics in your household. From electronic toothbrushes to massagers, game consoles, robot vacuums and Internet systems, it’s safe to say you’ll have a lot of re-plugging and reprogramming to do once you arrive at your new home. With cords coming from all directions, setting up something simple such as your television can quickly become exasperating.

Fortunately, you can instantly make this maze of technology much easier just by taking pictures of your electronics before you unplug and pack them up. Then, when you’re ready to set things back up, you just look at the pictures and know which cords go where. It’s a genius tip that takes seconds to prepare.

3. Pack per Room

While it can be tempting to pack per category, it’s important to pack per room instead. Packing different rooms into the same box (even if they’re all the same category) will just make things more complicated. After all, if you pack all of the kids toys in one box, you’ll have to drag that box and/or its belongings to all of the rooms just to unpack. So, it’s better to pack all toys from one room in one box, and all toys from another room in a separate box and so on and so forth. It’s a simple strategy but one that makes packing and unpacking much easier.

4. Use Storage Bins When Needed

There are many household items that get stored in your garage, shed, basement, attic or cubby for the majority of the year. Instead of throwing things such as holiday decorations and seasonal tools in a box, take this opportunity to properly organize your belongings for a better future. Move these kinds of items into storage bins instead of boxes, and they’ll never have to be unpacked until you need them again. As a bonus, you’ll have a better, more organized storage system in your new home.

5. Cheers to Wine Cases for Glassware

Glasses can be one of the hardest things to pack. They’re breakable, fragile, oddly shaped and to put in simply, a pain to wrap and pack. That is, unless you use wine cases. These little boxes are already set up with the perfect compartments for your glassware. Just fill the voids with packing peanuts or bubble wrap, and your glassware is ready for the moving truck. Your local winery, restaurant, bar or store may have plenty of empty wine cases for you to make use of.

6. Label Like a Pro

The labels are one of the most important parts of packing. After all, you can pack to pure perfection but if you have no idea what’s in each box, the end result could be a timely hassle. So, always make sure to label correctly.

It’s often recommended to label each box with the room and continents. That way, when you arrive at your new home, you can unpack each box in the appropriate room.

7. Label on the Side

Speaking of labels, always put them on the side. When you’re unloading the moving truck, you’ll be able to see where the boxes need to go with a quick glance, and the entire process will be much easier.

8. Roll Don’t Fold

When possible, roll your belongings instead of folding them. Things such as linens, bedding and clothing can all be rolled to take up less space, which allows you to pack more in less. And that means less boxes for you to unpack at the end of the day.

9. Never Mix Liquids

When you’re packing boxes per room, it can be tempting to throw in liquids with towels, and detergents with dishes and so on and so forth. However, this is a risk you don’t want to take. One open bottle can cause a serious mess of a situation, making the unpacking process extremely unpleasant. So, whatever you do, pack all of your liquids separately.

10. Pack Clothes on Hangers

Contrary to the previous tip about rolling clothing, there’s no need to remove your clothes that are already on hangers only to put them in a box, then remove them from a box and place them back on hangers. Instead, just slide them into a wardrobe box, move and hang them back up when you’re at your new house.

With these tips, packing and unpacking your belongings will be a breeze!