10 Surprisingly Easy Moving Hacks

10 Surprisingly Easy Moving Hacks

It is no secret that moving is hard work. Many people dread the entire moving process from start to finish. However, there are some surprising solutions that may help you through your next move. Bekins Moving Solutions and our team of professionals are experts when it comes to relocation. As such, we would love to share our top ten moving hacks to assist you in your next move.

1. Tennis Ball Furniture Gliders

When you are moving heavy furniture on wood flooring, you will want to protect it from scratches or dents. Purchase a pack of tennis balls. You will need at least four to eight. Using a sharp knife or scissors, cut an “X” shape into the tennis ball. Place the leg of any furniture piece through the “X” so that the leg sits comfortably inside the tennis ball. This will allow you to easily glide any piece of heavy furniture across your floor without worry!

2. Garbage Bag Clothes Covers

Using garbage bags with the built in plastic ties, slip eight to ten pieces of clothing on hangers into the bag. Once the bag has reached the top where the hangers are located, tie the ends of the bags along the neck of the hangers. This will keep your clothes together while protecting them from dirt or dust while moving.

3. Paper Towel Rolls for Cords

Do you have extension cords that you need to protect and keep from getting tangled? Slip wrapped up cords into empty paper towel rolls to keep them out of the way and organized.

4. Wrap Fragile Items in Clothing

You need to pack your foldable clothing and you also want to protect your most fragile items. Why not do both at the same time? Wrap glasses, plates, and other fragile items in shirts that you would fold and put in a box anyway.

5. Cut Handles

If you have a box that is awkward to carry, cut a few rectangular handles into the side of the box. Be careful not to damage the items inside if you have already packed it!

6. Utilize Freezer Bags and Sandwich Bags

Are you packing many small items? Place them in a sandwich bag, write the location where they belong and tape them to the furniture or box so they do not become lost. If you are packing something that may explode or spill, like shampoo, seal it in a freezer bag before your move.

7. Tape your Door Knob

Place tape on the part of your doorknob that locks into the door frame, This is helpful to prevent you being locked out, and also you don’t have to keep opening and closing the door each time you leave. Instead, you can easily push it open. This is especially handy if you are carrying a heavy box.

8.  Create a Color Coding System

When moving, assign each room a color. Use a color sharpie to write the contents of that box. When you arrive, you will know exactly where each box should go.

9. Utilize a Moving App

There are several moving apps on the market today that can help you create an inventory, track any tax deductible expenses, and help to have a reliable list of your items in case anything goes missing or is damaged while in transit. You can also separate your items into room categories, which keeps the packing process much more organized.

10. Call a Professional Moving Company

The best moving hack is to have a professional moving company handle every aspect of your move. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to call our team at Bekins Moving Solutions to assist you.

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