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Baby Boomers’ Moving Needs

How to deal with your parents clutterThey say baby boomers have never had it so good, but the reality often is that they are either caring for their elderly parents at home or have arranged to have their sick or dying elders cared for in a nursing home or hospice.  What should these baby boomers do about all the possessions that their dying parents have accumulated over the years?

It would be a good idea to get in touch with your local residential movers; they will be able to offer professional but sympathetic advice on the sensitive topic of moving seniors.  Also ask your parents to make a last will and testament, this avoids any anxiety on their part and makes the division of belongings between children and other relatives easier.  Some of your parents’ not so cherished items can be donated to thrift stores or sold at auctions, garage sales or on the internet.  Old personal documents such as bank statements should be shredded to avoid identity theft.  Do not forget to ask your parents what they would like to take with them to their new home, this is important for them to have familiar objects around them and makes the move less unsettling.  Items of value and furniture can be placed in local household storage until you have decided what to do with them.

This can be a very heartbreaking time for all involved, but the earlier your elderly parents’ home contents are dealt with, the easier it will be to concentrate on spending time with your parents and making sure they are comfortable in their new situation.

Jon Huser

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