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Author: Matt Goulart

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Automotive storage tips

It’s time to clear out the garage and begin researching automotive storage. Whether you’re looking to store your expensive auto parts in a safe and secure location or are retiring your dream car for the season, renting a storage unit can be an excellent option. Though, it’s important to know how automotive storage tips to … Continued

Benefits of portable storage containers

It’s time to think outside of the box. When considering storage, most people only think about the outdoor storage units and units that line the outskirts of town. However, there are many alternative options that may be the right choice for you. Portable storage containers allow you to store your items on your property without … Continued

Common mistakes people make when doing a commercial move

Commercial moves are some of the most complex types of moves, as they require extra attention-to-detail, time and preparation. Fortunately, the easiest way to ensure a successful commercial move is to be aware of the common mistakes people make when relocating their business, so you can avoid following in suit.   Insufficient or Last Minute … Continued

Getting creative with packing materials

Packing up your belongings as you prepare to move into your new home doesn’t have to be a boring task that you keep procrastinating. You just have to get creative! There are many incredible ways you can use materials in your home to safely pack your items, from pillowcases to old linens, clothing, unprinted newspaper … Continued

Handling houseplants for a big move

You’ve come to love your plants that have grown from a small seed into a blossoming masterpiece while in your care, and moving without them is simply out of the question. While you will have to find alternative transportation for your plants, as they are not allowed to be transported in a moving truck, the … Continued

How to make sure moving is safe for kids!

Getting ready to move can be challenging; doing it with kids can seem impossible. As you pack five items into a box, your little one is pulling out ten, and every time they enter a space filled with stacked boxes, your heart jumps into your throat for fear of the boxes tumbling down. Add in … Continued

Keep your furniture protected in a storage container

Storing your furniture properly is key to ensuring it remains in optimal condition throughout the time it’s in storage. While a storage container will provide a safe place to house your belongings, extra protective measures should be taken to make sure that your furniture is prepared to remain in optimal condition while being stored.   … Continued

Long distance moving hacks

Just when you think moving into a new home couldn’t get any more exciting, you find yourself embarking on a long-distance move across state lines or to an entirely new country. Congratulations! Before you get too excited, there are some long-distance hacks you’ll want to have in your back pocket to ensure an exciting, stress-free, … Continued

Moving a refrigerator and the 10 steps you are going to want to remember before putting it in storage

Moving large household appliances can certainly be a challenging task and moving a refrigerator, specifically, is no easy feat. Fridges are big, bulky and incredibly heavy and without the proper moving techniques, there are many risks involved for both yourself and your property. So, before you start dragging your refrigerator across your brand new kitchen … Continued

Moving around New Years Eve! Learn how.

Moving around a holiday can be a great way to save some money. Though, it can also be highly stressful due to closed businesses, a busy personal schedule, hectic traffic, and unpredictable weather. Fortunately, the tradeoff is great as you’re able to set up your new office in a timely manner so that it’s ready … Continued