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An office move to a greener location

An office move to a greener locationOwning a company means that you have plenty of responsibilities.  It is up to you where your office is and what it will provide for employees and clientele.  If you have a lease on your office, there will come a time when you need to undergo an office move either for a lower lease payment or a larger space. Elmhurst Park District has given rise to a new concept when it comes to an office move.

Elmhurst Park District’s administrative office relocation is going to be into a greener building.  The building has sustainable energy options, such as a green roof.  This is designed to reduce the cooling and heating costs. The building will also use rainwater for watering the landscape throughout the district, resulting in a saving on water usage too.

When it comes to business relocation, you might want to check out how you can get a greener office.  An environmentally friendly building may help you increase your clientele.  You can also save a bit on the costs.  If you have wind or solar power you will definitely save on the amount of energy you use throughout the year from the national grid.  Additionally, if you use rainwater for your lawn or purified rainwater for the bathrooms, you are helping save clean water by using what naturally occurs.  Things like this can definitely improve your company and make the relocation of your business a wiser move than staying in an older building.

Jon Huser

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