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Al-Qaeda remnants in Abyan Province

Abyan Province provides shelter for Al-Qaeda membersThe top leaders of al-Qaeda may now be removed after the long battle in which our US military forces had to move around the Middle East; however, there are still some small factions that are trying hard to escape from the US military moves, like those found in Abyan Province in Yemen.  Fighters for the people’s resistance force of Lawder have been in battles recently trying to get these leftover members to leave.

There is a mountain that has provided shelter for the al-Qaeda members.  It seems that recently the remaining members were driven out by the US military-backed war and this has led to a celebration.  Ali Aydah, a resistance force commander, stated that the force is the first to beat the leftover military group, without the US military being a part of the movement.  Pakistan, Afghanistan and even Yemen have had military moving about from the US over the last several years.  Aydah said that the force has managed to get the leftover members removed, which is an important feat as the US military relocates back to its US bases.  The US military has been asked to relocate back home, with most of the military being removed this year and the last of the troops will be gone by the beginning of 2013.  If local fighters can show that they have the strength to stop those who terrorize them, it will mean the US has done its job in training them and can feel comfortable leaving too.

Rick Wozniak

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