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Advice for relocating an office

When most people think about moving and putting things into storage, they normally do so in the context of moving a home and taking all of their personal possessions somewhere new.  Moving an office can, however, be even more stressful than moving a five-bedroom house and a big family, since the business needs to still be in operation while the relocation is taking place.

There are many reasons why an office move may be necessary.  The relocation could simply be to a larger space within the same building or it could be to a different neighborhood or state entirely.  In either case, the best advice is to begin planning for the shift as soon as possible and to create a timeline that can be easily followed.

Several months before the office relocation you should create a master checklist prior to doing anything else, as this will help you to keep everything on track.  It is an all too common occurrence for people to believe that they have plenty of time to get everything organized and then find themselves staring down a deadline that suddenly seems all too close.  Purchase a notebook in which you can keep track of everything that is in any way related to the move. Other good pieces of advice for relocating an office include ordering new phone and fax numbers if you will not be able to transfer over the ones that are currently used and going over the plan for the move with your employees.

Gene Salaz

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