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A move to Oklahoma may be in order

A move to Oklahoma may be in orderElections are ripe with the changes and goals of what needs to be done to make the US better and more economically stable, yet it is not the election talks that are catching the attention of most people.  It is the promise that a pipeline may be started in order for the oil to reach America’s Gulf Coast.  It would mean that a move to Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama and other southern Gulf states could be in order.  A pipeline could bring more work to those who need it.

The political talk is that it will stop the current increases in gas prices, and there are many who are looking for those jobs that are being promised.  With many individuals out of work, a pipeline could lend help to anyone living in the state with oil and gas knowledge, and also those who are willing to undergo employee relocation to take advantage of the pipeline.

Foregoing the promises that re being made, many are concentrating on whether they will finally see help in terms of jobs, even if it means relocation from their current home. The election talk from Obama has made its way from Arizona, New Mexico to Oklahoma with regards to getting a pipeline built.  The main question on everyone’s mind is whether it will be built and how quickly they can move in order to take advantage of jobs that will come from the building phase to the production phase.

Jon Huser

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