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A few professional packing tips

moving and packing itemsKnowing where to start can be difficult when you are packing up your home ahead of a move; however, once you have figured this out you will be able to complete the process quite easily.

One tip from professional movers is to pack out-of-season items first, such as clothes. Most people will put their summer clothes away in winter and their winter clothes away in summer; therefore, you already have some possessions that you are not going to need in the lead up to the move. Other out-of-season items that you can consider include sports equipment. Do you play tennis in the winter? If your racket is not going to be used for a while, you can pack it.

When packing electrical items, take a minute or two to wind the cords. Cords can easily become tangled and winding them may save you a lot of time at the other end. In each box you need to have plenty of padding and the professionals recommend that you put a couple of inches of scrunched-up paper in the bottom of each box so that you have the right amount of cushioning.

The importance of not overloading your boxes cannot be overstated. Professional moving companies recommend that boxes are packed firmly but you do not need to fill each box with your possessions; instead, pack sensibly and fill any spaces with additional padding using shredded paper or bubble wrap.


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